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Gel nails
Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

12 settembre 2022 in Salon Treatment

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Start with ProNails Gels


Discover the advantages of the unique ProNails gels together with your customers: professional and time-saving quality gels for trendy gel nails in any look, length or shape.

  • Timesaving thanks to reduced curing time and easy application, which requires less or no filing depending on the gel.
  • Developed to help nail stylists reduce manicure/pedicure time.
  • Perfectly shaped and durable gel nails ensure loyal customers that return monthly

Each ProNails gel has its own unique quality, usage, and technique.

Which gel to use, depends on the desired result, the nail stylist's level of experience and the customer's nail type.

ProNails offers a full range of gels discover them here:

BFLEX allows you to apply trendy, vegan nail enhancement with natural perfection, in record time!

Why are BFLEX Gels so popular? Because nail stylists experience that they save up to 5 hours a week by using BFLEX Gels for their Natural Nail Treatments!

Base Gels

The ProNails Base gels are naturally flexible and offer a perfect adhesion for every nail type.

Builder Gels

The Builder gels are available in two different strenght types: the Flexi Builders are more flexible, perfect for short nails. The Hard Builders are harder, perfect for long nails.

Gellak Colours

The n°1 colour gel for professionals Gellak stands for perfect coverage in maximum 2 layers without sticky layer. More than 200 trendy colours.

French Manicure

French Manicure

A wide offer of white French Manicure gels ranges from extreme white to softer natural whites from runny to thicker textures.

Camouflage gels

Camouflage Gels

With the ProNails camouflage gels you can transform any nail plate, short, damaged or bitten to a natural looking piece of art!

Repair gels

Repair Gels

A Repair gel does this fast and easy with a longlasting result.


The cherry on the cake. We offer a variety of glosses as the final step for both gel and acrylic applications.

Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

About the author

Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

Sandrine has been working at ProNails for 10 years. Before, she was a distributor for our brand, later she joined the product development team and became head of training, which she does with a lot of passion.


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