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natural nails with gel
Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

12 settembre 2022 in Salon Treatment

8 minuten reading time

The fastest, most profitable natural nail solution.

Your favourite gel for short, natural gel nails

Natural nail treatment with BFLEX

Do you want to turn sporadic customers into loyal customers who come back for a monthly refill? Then BFLEX is perfect! With this salon service you will certainly attract new gel customers!

BFLEX by ProNails was developed with the utmost respect for the natural nail, by strengthening it and allowing it to grow according to its own shape thanks to a flexible gel. As a result, the natural nails become stronger and will not break, because the gel is flexible in all daily activities and during the growth process of the natural nail.

Are you a beautician, but are you less experienced when it comes to gel nails? Then BFLEX is your first step towards offering gel nails in your salon! After attending a workshop you will get the hang of it very quickly because BFLEX is so easy to apply. You only need a nail drill, the base products and the LED SMART Light to get started!

Highly Pigmented colours

Why nail stylists adore Bflex

BFLEX Gels are super popular among both nail stylists and salon customers. 

Benefits for the stylist

  • Base, Builder, Tone and Gloss in 1
  • Quick to learn and easy to apply
  • Fast service (30 sec SMART LIGHT LED)
  • Attract new customers
  • Totally new and trendy gel service: you can raise your price!
  • Easy and fast touch-up without filing in shape
  • Convert irregular customers to monthly returning loyal customers
  • Vegan and Acid Free formula

Benefits for the customer

  • Brings out the natural beauty of your own nails
  • Nails are reinforced and protected
  • Helps the natural nail grow because the Gel is very flexible
  • Acid free formula: better for your nails and skin, you avoid allergies
  • Ideal for those who love short, natural and shiny nails
  • Ideal for all nail types, also for nail biters
  • Much longer wear than semi-permanent nail polish


Training center near you

Bflex Natural nail treatment

Do you already have experience with gel application and electric filing? Then you can learn everything about the BFLEX Natural Nail Treatment during our BFLEX workshop or E-learning at a training center near you.

For short natural gel nails

Start to Gel with BFLEX

This two-day workshop is intended for beauty professionals who want to learn about this popular natural nail gel trend, but don’t have an advanced knowledge of gel nails yet!


Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

About the author

Headeducator Sandrine Roelants

Sandrine has been working at ProNails for 10 years. Before, she was a distributor for our brand, later she joined the product development team and became head of training, which she does with a lot of passion.


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