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Trainer Marina Van Der Donck

Trainer Marina Van Der Donck

12 settembre 2022 in Salon Treatment

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The best salon quality in Semi-Permanent

Do you offer your customers the most professional semi-permanent nail service?

Sopolish Semi-permanente gel polish

A Sopolish treatment is a professional salon service. You use these products for a professional semi-permanent nail look that lasts up to 3 weeks. For a semi-permanent nail look, you only need the Sopolish base products, some colours and an LED lamp -the Smart Light LED lamp.

A Sopolish treatment is recommended for clients who like a nail colour that lasts two to three weeks. Sopolish lasts much longer than nail polish and has a nice gel look.

You often see this treatment being chosen by new clients, often for a special occasion. But there will certainly be returners on a more regular basis too!

Introduce the right Base Coat to the right customer. Does the customer also want to be able to remove the polish at home? Or does she come back to the salon for a soak-off removal?

Sopolish Start - Easy Soak

Sopolish Structure Base

This top favourite is a highly efficient base coat that can be applied under any Sopolish colour. You can even do small extensions up to 2 mm. Be sure to suggest these to nail biters or to customers with very oily nails! The greatest asset? The long wearing time up to 3 weeks! This base can be applied to both hands and toes.

Sopolish Start - Easy Peel

Sopolish Peel

Thanks to this peel-off base, the customer can peel off the Sopolish herself when it starts to come off. The Corrector Pen can possibly help with this. This base coat is not suitable for the toenails.

Sopolish Structure Base

Sopolish Soak

You remove this soak-off base layer a little faster than the Structure Base. And is also ideal for the toes!

2. Choose your Sopolish colour

Sopolish is a unique salon treatment for long-lasting perfectly polished nails for at least 14-21 days. It contains a superior color formula and impressive coverage.

Complete the Sopolish look with a shiny gloss, glitter or nail art effect. The choice is very extensive!

Gel polish orange
Gel Polish green
Gel Polish Red

Peel off base

Remove by peeling off

Remove your Sopolish using the Polish Corrector Pen or a cuticle pusher

Easy Soak or Structure Base

Remove by soaking

Remove the Sopolish by using the Reusable Clips and the Sopolish Remover.

Find your training center

Semi-Permanent Workshop

Gel Polish is the fastest growing salon service that will attract new clients to your salon. The Sopolish technique is easy to learn and quick to apply in only 20 minutes.

Trainer Marina Van Der Donck

About the author

Trainer Marina Van Der Donck

I already have 30 years of experience in the nail business and train nail stylists worldwide within ProNails as an International Trainer. With my years of experience, I also know the whole evolution within the nail business, this expertise I like to pass on to ProNails customers. I give all kinds of worskshops and perfection trainings and therefore important to our clients to be up to date with the latest trends. 


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