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Pronails electric filing

13 febbraio 2023 in Salon Business tips

5 min reading time

Nail bits for electric filing

What filing bits do you need?

You won’t have a beautiful set of nails without proper nail plate preparation and cuticle care, with an electric manicure. Especially with the BFLEX Natural Nail Treatment and with BSTRONG Natural Nail extensions, beautifully nourished cuticles are a must! For each step in your electric manicure or pedicure you have a specific filing head. There are also specific bits for gel removal, depending on the type of builder gel you are using.

Want to get a simple overview of all the different bits? Download our manicure overview and pedicure overview.

Let’s take a look into filing bits.

  • Electric manicure & pedicure bits

  • Natural nail prep bit

  • Gel removal bits

  • Electric pedicure bits

Electric manicure & pedicure bits

We’ll start with the bits that can be used for an electric manicure & pedicure treatment. The E-Manicure and E-pedicure treatments are safe and easy techniques to trim cuticles on hands and toes electrically using your nail machine instead of using a nipper or scissors. Each bit has its own specific purpose:

  • The Cuticle Clean Bit is used to loosen normal or sensitive cuticles.
  • The Diamond Nail Prepper Cone Bit is used to loosen very rough and dry cuticles and is ideal to clean all dirt residues that are present under the free edge nail. Its flattened point is perfect to avoid any damage to the Hyponychium.
  • The Diamond Grinder Bit is used to remove dead skin in the deepest nail grooves.
  • The Tungsten Trimmer Bit is used to remove rough skin parts.
  • The Diamond Ball Bit is used to lift and remove the cuticles.
  • The Finisher Bit is perfect to smoothen the skin.

The Tungsten Trimmer Bit is a right rotating bit, which means that left-handed nail techs will need to use the R or Forward direction and do the same hand movements as a right-handed person to use it. All other bits are dual rotating bits, so both right-handed and left-handed technicians can use them in usual way.

Natural nail prep bit

The Stainless Steel Tip for Sanders combined with the Green Sanders Fine will help you to safely and correctly prepare the natural nail plate to ensure a perfect adhesion of gel enhancements.

Next to durability, the great advantage of the Stainless Steel Tip compared to a classic metal material is that it allows you to easily slide on your sander using just one finger. It ensures a very comfortable feeling for the customer, without any unpleasant vibrations on the nail during the natural nail preparation.

The Green Sanders Fine have a 180 grit which is perfect for the natural nail preparation. Note that sanders are for single use only and must be replaced after each customer.

Gel removal bits

For the removal of all ProNails Gels during the gel refill treatment, you can use High Precision bits that are made of Tungsten or Ceramic materials. Both are very hygienic and can be disinfected and sterilized in an autoclave.

The Unicorn Gel Remover Bit is suitable to remove gel during the refill of gel nails which have been built with a more flexible gel like the BFLEX.

The High Precision Blue bit is a right rotating bit, this means that only right-handed nail techs can use it. All other bits are dual rotating bits, this means both right-handed and left-handed technicians can use them.

Electric pedicure bits

The E-Pedicure bits can only be used on skin of feet. They may NOT be used on skin of hands, natural nails, or even synthetic nails.

  • The Ceramic Pedicure Callus Bit will help you to remove very rough calluses on feet.
  • The Diamond Pedicure Callus Bit will help you to remove rough skin deeper inside the grooves of cracked skin on heels.
  • The Silicon Pedicure Polisher Bit will help you smoothen and finish off the skin after callus removal.


  • Time-saving
  • Natural
  • Gel
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