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Trainer Nathalie Oorts

Trainer Nathalie Oorts

12 settembre 2022 in Salon Treatment

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Protect your hands

Clean Hands

Our hands are always busy: there’s no other part of our body we use more. All this hard work puts the skin on our hands under pressure, plus it is rarely covered and so is directly exposed to harmful external impacts such as cold, heat, frequent hand washing, pollution and dirt. These can all weaken skin’s natural barrier and cause our hands to dry out.

Keeping our hands clean is fundamental for maintaining good hygiene practices. After all, our hands are constantly touching things that harbour germs – and let’s not forget the recent pandemic we’ve all overcome – so it is no surprise that washing our hands regularly is the foundation for this hand care routine. Taking care of your hands is an absolute must.


Try to wash your clients hands in lukewarm water only, and use a mild soap that supports skin’s natural pH. ProNails Gentle Hand Soap protects the skin against aging while keeping the skin hydrated.
Moisturizing the hands is the key of combatting sensitive or rough hands. ProNails Lightweight Anti-Age cream protects skin from air pollution, and thanks to the antioxidants it contains, free radicals don’t stand a chance! If your client has a mature & dry skin, we advice the ProNails Anti-Age Rich cream which contains also a UV shield and anti-pollution filters.

Anti-Wrinkle Wonder Ingrediënt

We don't like to age on any part of our body. But what if there is a formula that helps slightly reduce our ageing process. The formula of our Deep defense serum contains an anti-wrinkle wonder ingredient that will bring moisture into the deepest layers of the skin and will stimulate collagen production, tackling visible wrinkles by 'filling them up’ again. So this product contains not only efficient, active ingredients, but is also 95% made of natural ingredients and 100% vegan.

Just a little more SPA

Offering a spa manicure as a treatment can be a nice addition in the salon. With the power packed sugar scrub that contains Almond oil, Avocado oil and cucumber extracts this water free sugar scrub will simultaneously hydrate and repairs the skin, giving hands of the your clients a silky soft baby skin feel! This gel-to-milk formula washes off easily without leaving any residu, and can also be removed without using water. Sugar grains will slowly melt while scrubbing, which accelerates when adding a bit of water.

For a pure indulgence and intense hydration we recommend a deeply nourishing and restorative hand mask. With the extra camomille extract, this rich water free formula offers an ultra nutritious, ultra moisturizing repairing skin treatment with long lasting effects.

Finishing Touch

Let your clients experience a longer SPA service focused on stress relief and relaxation, resulting in beautiful nurturing and younger-looking hands with a perfect look. In combination with the SPA you can offer a Sopolish treatment or Nail Polish treatment for the finishing touch.

SPA Manicure Workshop

Offer a superior Spa Manicure experience to your customers that will differences you from other salons.

Trainer Nathalie Oorts

About the author

Trainer Nathalie Oorts

As a trainer at ProNails, I can enthusiastically share my passion for nails and beauty with nail stylists and teach students new techniques in a constructive way. I really enjoy being creative and social.


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