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Master Faster, Stronger & Thinner Nail enhancements

As an experienced nail technician, with a fully charged agenda, saving time is paramount to you. Every minute counts when you are in the service business and the shorter your service time, the happier you and your clients will be.

The ProNails 3-in-1 builder gels have been especially developed to reduce service time without compromising on quality and final result.

The ProNails Master gel is a low viscosity 3-in-1 LED gel in a bottle! This incredibly strong 3-in-1 builder gel provides a very strong adhesion to the natural nail and gives an impeccable shine after curing. It can be applied very thinly to create ultra-natural looking nails and is suitable for extensions on forms. Time savings up to 30 minutes can be achieved using ProNails Master Drop Technique with no filing after curing.

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Master Faster, Stronger & Thinner Nail enhancements
  1. What will you learn

    • Presentation, Demonstration & Practical Part
    • Nail preparation 
    • Nail extension application technique
    • Refill application technique, proper use of the Nail machine
    • Building application on 4 nails at the same time
    • Applying gel nails without filing after curing
    • Gellak colour application on 5 nails

  2. Certificate

    • Personalized Certificate at the end of the workshop

  3. Program

    • Duration: 3 hours


This workshop is for

Required experience level
Beauty professionals

Prior knowledge required
Manicure and semi-permanent polish application. (Beautician certificate)

Extra: If you never used an electric filing nail machine before, you are welcome, you will learn it in this training.


What to bring

A specific model when required

All necessary products, tools & equipment will be available for use in the training center.


Detailed information

Here you can find all the detailed information what you will learn and which materials you 'll need.



€118,75 excl. VAT

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