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The Electrical Manicure  is a safe, fast & easy electrical manicure. The result is absolutely stunning! It leaves the cuticles looking clean and fresh, making them look totally rejuvenated and soft like baby skin. It doesn't damage the cuticles nor the nails in any way.

It allows you to apply your colour much closer to the cuticle area. It makes salon nails simply look better, and totally Instagram-ready after the salon visit! No more photoshop skills required for that perfect Nailfie.

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  1. What will you learn

    • Presentation, Demonstration & Practical Part
    • Proper & Safe Electrical Manicure Technique
    • Advice on Service Pricing & Retail Opportunities
    • Tips & Tricks for shooting the perfect Nailfie
    • Creates better looking salon nails

  2. Certificate

    • Personalized Electrical Manicure Certificate at the end of the workshop

  3. Program

    • Duration: 3 hours
    • Price: 95€ or free training with purchase of 250€ related workshop products 


This workshop is for

Required experience level
Medium & advanced nail stylists

Prior knowledge required
Yes, nail styling & electrical filing.


What to bring

Yes, bring a model with bare, natural nails.

None. All necessary products, tools & equipment will be available for use in the training center.


Detailed information

Here you can find all the detailed information what you will learn and which materials you 'll need.



€118,75 excl. VAT

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