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E-filing & Shape Perfection

If you are exhausted of manual filing or you suffer from hands, shoulders, back and neck pain? Then you should consider taking this workshop.

A nail machine scares many nail technicians. They are afraid of damaging their clients' nails or hurting them. If you have ever been in the salon of a nail technician who files incorrectly, you know that it is no fun.

But when used correctly, the nail machine is a handy & completely painless tool that will save you a lot of time. This workshop will therefore immediately generate extra turnover! If you already have experience with a nail machine, you will still be able to improve your skills in electric filing!

Is this all new to you? No problem, because this course is very complete and will teach you in detail how to apply each technique step by step

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E-filing & Shape Perfection
  1. What will you learn

    • Presentation, Demonstration & Practical Part
    • Safe, fast and easy techniques of electric filing for nail styling.
    • Choosing the right bits
    • The big advantage is to work faster but also less pain in your shoulders, neck and hands
    • Perfect shape and structure 
    • You will work faster more confidently
    • Advice on service pricing & extra turnover

  2. Certificate

    • Personalized File & Filing technique Certificate at the end of the workshop

  3. Program

    • Duration: 3 hours


This workshop is for

Required experience level

Prior knowledge required
Nail styling and tips application


What to bring

You do not need to bring a model, we will practice on a practice hand.

Please bring only your personal brushes. All other materials will be available in the classroom.


Detailed information

Here you can find all the detailed information what you will learn and which materials you 'll need.



€118,75 excl. VAT

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