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BFLEX Natural Nail Treatment

Do you already have experience with gel application and electric filing?
Then you can learn everything about the BFLEX Natural Nail Treatment during our BFLEX workshop.

In this workshop, you will discover the trend gel nail service "Natural Nail Treatment", a trendy and highly desirable service where, thanks to the super natural and time-saving BFLEX gels, you can give women, who love short nails, an extremely fine natural nail look. During this service, extra attention is also paid to a safe removal and care of the cuticles, which enhances this natural look.

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BFLEX Natural Nail Treatment
  1. What will you learn

    • Presentation, Demonstration & Practical Part
    • Nail preparation, manicure technique, manual and electric filing technique
    • Different looks: colour, natural, French and babyboom
    • Application on your model

  2. Certificate

    • Personalized Certificate at the end of the workshop

  3. Program

    • 3 hours
    • 100€ or free training with purchase of 250€ related workshop products

This workshop is for

Required experience level
Nail Stylists

Prior knowledge required
Nail Styling (Basic Training Certificate) and electric filing

What to bring

You need 1 model with natural nails

Bring your files , cuticle nipper and brushes. All necessary products, tools & equipment will be available for use in the training center.

Detailed information

Here you can find all the detailed information what you will learn and which materials you 'll need.



€100 excl. VAT

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