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The Art Of Living Collection

What gives us true quality of life? Personal well-being and growth have become a top priority for many of us. This gives way to a new movement: ‘The Art of Living’. Practicing this art means bringing daily rituals of mind, body & soul care into our lives, that will improve our personal well-being, that of the people around us and of the planet.

The Art of Living nail colours are harmonious and comforting and inspired by authentic natural materials. They match our healthy lifestyle and bring us in the right mindset, reminding us of the spaces we want to live in, the textures we want to feel, and the food we want to enjoy. Discover the pallet we created of sun-soaked colour-infused neutrals, balanced out with blooming blush tones and earthy reds.

The sweet simplicity of authentic undyed linen

Fresh Linen

Evoking the colour of undyed linen, Fresh Linen is an authentic neutral greyish white, that celebrates organic spirit, sweet simplicity and imperfect perfection. Like a crisp freshly made bed, this comforting off-white reminds us of the importance of a good night of sleep for our overall wellbeing.

A splash of freshness

Hint of Mint

Add a splash of freshness to a perfect summer look with this waterdowned minty white Hint of Mint. Like adding a leaf of mint to your iced water, just a touch of colour can make a world of difference. Stay hydrated.

Love the skin you're in

Apricot Cream

Apricot Cream balances the warmth of a sweet apricot tone with a luscious creamy undertone. This delicate skinloving shade compliments each complexion, giving it a healthy glow. The blooming energy of this colour, both flourishing and calming, will make you love the skin you’re in.

Combines timeless elegance with modern sophistication

Powder Pink

Powder Pink has a sunkissed powdery quality that turns this vieux rose into a modern day iconic shade. Like the bricks of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakesh, the magical town in Morocco, this powdery pink combines timeless elegance with modern sophistication.

Cheeky and fierce

Make me Blush

This magenta infused pink is a cheeky and fierce nail colour that matches the energy of a real goal-getter. Make me Blush is like that rosy healthy glow on your cheeks, from your daily outdoor exercise routine. Give yourself some tough love and achieve your goals!

Nourishingly rich & breathtakingly beautiful


You cannot practice the art of living without taking care of the food you eat, going for naturally sourced, locally produced and unprocessed. This shade is the exact colour of a beautiful vegetable full of healthy nutrients: Radicchio. A spirited dark magenta red that gives some earthy grit to your summer look.

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