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Marble Nail Art
Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

12 settembre 2022 in Nail Looks

5 min reading time

Nail Look Marble

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All fingers:

  • Apply one layer of the colour Artic Cave and cure.
  • Draw a swirly surface on the sides of the nail with the colour Nocturnal Charm and cure.
  • Mix these two colors together and apply this mix next to one of the darker surfaces and cure.
  • Apply the Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel and cure.
  • Draw with the colour Artic Cave in the middle of the design and cure.
  • Apply some of the Glitter Powder Holographic Effect with the Diamond Silicon Tool only on the surface of the shiny part of the Artic Cave colour.
  • Apply the Sapphire Gloss/Sopolish Shine on the chrome surface and cure.
  • Finish with a little bit of Structure Base Gel and put some diamonds in this gel and cure after.
Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

About the author

Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

Agnieszka is a Nail Art Stylist and content creator from Poland. She takes nail art to a higher level. Since many years, Agnieszka works with our ProNails products and creates with our colours impeccable nails.



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