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Leaves Nail Art
Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

12 settembre 2022 in Nail Looks

5 min reading time

Nail Look Leaves

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All fingers:

  • Apply 2 layers of the colour Artic Cave and cure each layer.
  • Draw a swirly white surface on the nail with the White Laser Gel and cure.
  • Apply some leaves of the new Autumn Leaves Nail Art Stickers.
  • Apply some Foil Gel clear on the roots of the leaves and cure.
  • Apply the Gold Chrome Flakes on the Foil Gel surfaces with the Diamond Silicon Tool.
  • Finish with the Sapphire Gloss/Sopolish Shine and cure.
Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

About the author

Nail Art Artist Agnieszka Bajerska

Agnieszka is a Nail Art Stylist and content creator from Poland. She takes nail art to a higher level. Since many years, Agnieszka works with our ProNails products and creates with our colours impeccable nails.



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